Strawberry Tart

Pâte Sablée


All purpose flour          10 oz/ 300 grams

Salt                               0.02 oz / 1 gram

Cool butter in cubes      6 oz / 180 grams

Eggs                              1

Yolks                             1

Powder sugar                4 oz / 120 grams

Vanilla extract               0,02 oz / 1 gram

Lemos zest                    0,02 oz / 1 gram


Mixing method:

1.Cream together the butter, powder sugar, lemon zest and vanilla, until the mixture is smooth and pale.

2.Add the eggs a little at a time and beat well between each addition.

3.Add the flour. With a plastic scraper, carefully blend into soft dough.

4.Wrap in plastic film and flatten out. Chill until firm before use.


Pastry Cream

Heavy cream          3,3 oz / 100 grams

Milk                       13,3 fl oz / 400 grams

Vanilla beans         1/2

Sugar                     2,5 oz / 75 grams

Cornstarch             1,3 oz / 40 grams

Yolks                      1

Egg                         1


1.Cover a 9 inch pie pan with the Pâte Sablée dough

2.Put in oven at 350 F for approximately 10 minutes or until the dough gets a light Brown color.

3.Once we have baked the dough, fill ¾ of the tart with pastry cream.

4.Cut the strawberries and accomodate it in a pretty way over the pastry cream.

5.Use a pastry brush to pencil in thin layers of strawberry glaze.

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