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Delicious Ceviches and Tiraditos

Delicious Ceviches and Tiraditos

Join us for a hands-on class where you will learn the delicate balance that the Peruvian Cuisine has by making a variety of ceviche and tiraditos. Discover the perfect combination of fresh seasonal seafood with a touch of spice form the rocotto pepper, the crunchiness of the corn and the tasty "leche de tigre". In this class you will make classic ceviches and tiraditos with shrimp, sea bass and octopus so you can let your imagination flow and make you own favorite creations.

Start Date: February 28

Delicate French Cookies

Delicate French Cookies

If you enjoy these delicatessen form the French patisserie and believe that you will never be able to make them, come to this hands-on class where our pastry chef will share the techniques for a perfect "Sable Breton", Tuile and Lengues de Chat that will never fail. In just 3 hours you will make five different types of cookies that will surprise your friends and family. It is time to put the double chocolate chip cookies to the side and bring the flavors of France to your kitchen!

Start Date: March 1

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