Buffet Setup and Decoration

Buffet Setup and Decoration


You can not miss these classes! You will learn delicious bit sized salty and sweet treats ideal for any party, event, or in meetings in the house. We will be preparing various recipes and learning different forms of presentation and decoration for events. In our first class we will prepare salty dishes and in the second class we will prepare sweet dishes. The perfect combination for any occasion.

  DURATION 2 classes
  START DATE February 22nd & March 1st  
  DAYS Thursday & Thursday  
  TIME 7-10 pm  
  PRICE $60 per class  
  PAYMENT METHOD Cash or credit card  

On the first class you will learn how to make 5 delicious salty appetizers:

- Mini crab tartlets with sauté vegetables

- Mini croque monsieur

- Curry shrimp in a spoon

- Mini quiche Loraine

- Chicken kabob with plums and bacon


On the second class you will learn how to make 5 delicious sweets appetizers:

- Mini tartlet filled with honey ganache

- Coquitos

- Spiced Crème anglaise and caramelized figs bites

- Mini cheesecake  

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