Basic Cooking Skills

Basic Cooking Skills


If you love cooking but always wonder how the professionals do it, this class will teach you the techniques that make a meal so unique. You will learn international cuisine techniques and prepare different meats, poultry, fish, pastas and dessert. You will be ready to host many special dinners for your guests!


  DURATION 4 classes (May 10, 17, 24, & 31)
3,  START DATE May 10  
  DAYS Wednesdays   
  TIME 7 pm  

$60 Per class

  PAYMENT METHOD Cash or credit card  

Class 1: Development of knife skills and application of different professional cuts on vegetables and fruits. We will prepare the following recipes:

-Vegetables Quiche 

-Saute vegetables Lo mein 

-Vegetable Ratatouille  with onion tempura

-Mini potato tortillas with lardons 


Class 2:Cleaning and preparation of animal proteins. Development of different cooking methods. Preparation of sauces. We will prepare the following recipes:

-Saute chicken breast with a truffle butter sauce and duchess potatoes

-Roasted chicken legs with BBQ sauce

-Braised lamb leg with red wine sauce


Class 3: Cleaning and preparation of fish and seafood. Development of the proper cooking method for each product.We will prepare the following recipes:

-Unilateral cooking of Salmon filet with thai eggplants  sticks and yuca chifonade 

-Steamed Grouper on fresh herbs with jasmine rice

-Sauté shrimp ''al ajillo''

-Breaded Tilapia a la anglaise

Class 4: Development of the cooking techniques to prepare casseroles using a variety of proteins and vegetables.  Mixed and slow cooking methods. We will prepare the following recipes:

-Chicken provence casserole

-Shrimp casserole

-Creamy portobello mushroom and parmesan cheese with mixed vegetables casserole 

-Traditional French potatoes and gruyere cheese casserole

-Shepherd's pie casserole with fine potato crust 

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