Lasagna and Cannelloni

Lasagna and Cannelloni


Lasagna is not only one of the best known pasta dishes, but it is also the kind of dish that gathers families and friends all in on place to enjoy the deliciousness of Lasagna. Now, would It be better if instead of tasting any lasagna, they gather to try your delicious home made Lasagna? Come, and learn how to make lasagna in this fun, relaxed and hands on class, your friends and family will appreciate it.

In this class you will learn how to make Classic Lasagna and Cannelloni with tomato, mozzarella and albahaca from scratch.


  DURATION 1 class
  START DATE March 22th   
  DAYS Thursday   
  TIME 7 pm - 10pm  
  PRICE $60  
  PAYMENT METHOD Cash or credit card  

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