Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Financial Aid is available for those students who qualify. Mariano Moreno Culinary Institute also offers several scholarships, which will be defined every semester by the Board of Directors.

Students are responsible for providing all requested documentation in a timely manner. Failure to do so could jeopardize the student’s financial aid eligibility. Students who need additional information and guidance should contact the Financial Aid Office.

President’s Scholarship

The President’s Scholarship has been established to assist full-time students who have financial needs. Applicants must complete a scholarship application and submit a one or two-page essay describing why they believe they are deserving of this award. The scholarship award is from $500 to $5,000 for each recipient and will be payable to the first billing period after the award is granted. The President will make the selection of the awards in conjunction with the Director of the Program based on the analysis of the applicant’s essay, financial needs and overall academic success.

Private Loans

Various lending institutions offer loans to help cover the cost of education. A cosigner might be required to meet the loan program’s credit criteria. Interest rates may vary and are typically based on the prime rate or the Treasury Bill rate. Contact the specific lender for more information.



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