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>The Art of Sushi

Start Date Nov 27

The Art of Sushi

In this class you will learn the basic techniques to prepare sushi rolls and the different ingredients that you can use to satisfy your creativity. If you like to eat sushi, you would love to learn how to make it!

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>Holiday baking

Start Date Nov 29

Holiday baking

Start the Christmas season learning to prepare recipes that mark these festivities and that will add joy to your family and friends when you try recipes like: Pecan pie, Apple pie or a delicious spicy pumpkin pudding prepared at home.

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>Finger food for get together (Salty)

Start Date Dec 04

Finger food for get together (Salty)

Do not know what to serve your friends and family when they visit you? You can not miss these classes where you will learn delicious salty and sweet mouths ideal for any meeting, or in those days that arrive without warning. In the first class you will learn how to prepare 5 delicious salty appetizers.

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>Wine tasting

Start Date Dec 06

Wine tasting

The holidays are the ideal time to enjoy with family and friends a delicious dinner accompanied with the ideal wine. This class is oriented for amateurs and wine lovers who want to learn how to make the perfect wine pairings, identify the different types of grapes with their characteristics and recognize the main wine regions of the world. All this while enjoying delicious appetizers made by our chef and tasting 6 varietals ranging from a young red wine to a sparkling. Come with friends … your partner … or direct from the office to toast with us and enjoy a perfect happy hour.

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>Ceviche & Tiraditos

Start Date Dec 11

Ceviche & Tiraditos

Come and learn the delicate balance of Peruvian cuisine by creating varieties of ceviche and tiraditos. Discover the perfect combination of fish and shellfish season with a spicy touch of rocoto, crispy corn and the tasty '' milk of tiger ''. In this class you will learn to prepare classic ceviches and tiraditos with prawns, croaker and octopus to then unleash your imagination.

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>Exquisite Macarons

Start Date Dec 13

Exquisite Macarons

Surprise your family and friends with fresh and delicate macarons fresh from your kitchen! These French delicacies are known to be difficult to make, but after our professional pastry chef teaches you how to make the perfect meringue, the secrets to get the '' foot '' and add flavors and colors, you can create exquisite macarons and give rein let your creativity go

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