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>The Art of Sushi

Start Date Feb 05

The Art of Sushi

In this class you will learn the basic techniques to prepare sushi rolls and the different ingredients that you can use to satisfy your creativity. If you like to eat sushi, you would love to learn how to make it!

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>Ceviche & Tiraditos

Start Date Feb 12

Ceviche & Tiraditos

Come and learn the delicate balance of Peruvian cuisine by creating varieties of ceviche and tiraditos. Discover the perfect combination of fish and shellfish season with a spicy touch of rocoto, crispy corn and the tasty '' milk of tiger ''. In this class you will learn to prepare classic ceviches and tiraditos with prawns, croaker and octopus to then unleash your imagination.

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>Healthy cooking workshop

Start Date Feb 16

Healthy cooking workshop

The objective of this workshop is to educate and prepare people who want to expand their career or for personal use. During this workshop they will learn in depth to manage the ingredients, effects, combinations and substitutes, as well as learn to build dishes and recipes according to the client's needs or personal tastes. - Class 1 - February 16: Light vs Healthy - Class 2 - February 23: Sodium and sweeteners - Class 3 - March 2: Vegetables - Class 4 -Mark 9: Animal-type proteins - Class 5 - March 16: Fats and seeds - Class 6 - April 6: Cereals, Starch and Flours - Class 7 - April 13: Cold Cooking - Class 8 - April 20: Smoothies and Smoothies - Class 9 - April 27: Process of creation of recipes - Class 10 - May 4: Healthy breakfasts - Class 11 - May 11: Main course - Class 12 - May 18: Healthy mini desserts - Class 13 - May 25: Labels / Supplements / Purchases - Class 14 - June 1: Exam and how to establish your business

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>Pasta and their sauces

Start Date Feb 19

Pasta and their sauces

If you are looking to add more flavor and color to your meals, you can not miss this class. We will be preparing homemade pasta, we will add color with natural ingredients and we will finish our dishes with delicious sauces such as basil pomodoro, Genoese pesto and carbonara.

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>Meringue Desserts

Start Date Feb 21

Meringue Desserts

These tasty and crispy sweet egg white foam has a reputation for difficulty.. But in just 3 hours our chef will show you a few simple instructions that just won’t fail. You’ll be making mouthwatering meringues and delicious desserts like the famous pavlova or meringues shells and learn the difference between italian, french and swiss meringue. You’ll master a technique that can be use in any dessert and amaze everybody with your baking.

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>The Authentic Spanish Paella

Start Date Feb 26

The Authentic Spanish Paella

Learn to prepare this Spanish delicacy that is a feast for the senses. Our chef will teach you how to make the sofrito, select fresh ingredients and achieve the perfect rice cooking. Let yourself be carried away by the smell of saffron and seafood, earth and rosemary discovering the flavors of paella.

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>Stuffed Cakes

Start Date Feb 28

Stuffed Cakes

Do you enjoy making cakes or do you want to learn to do it but do not feel up to it? In this class you will learn how to prepare the perfect cake and combine different flavors and textures. We will make the famous cake of Rum Syrup that everyone wants in Miami, a delicious chocolate truffle cake and finally an orange cake with Cointreau custard. All are ideal for decorating with fondant, buttercream or airbrush.

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>Taste of the Ocean: Seafood

Start Date Mar 05

Taste of the Ocean: Seafood

Come and immerse yourself with us in this class full of flavors and colors where you will learn to prepare delicious mussels, prawns, squid, salmon and tilapia in delicate sauces and perfect garnishes. If you enjoy sea food, but do not dare to prepare it, in this class you will learn all the secrets of a professional chef.

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>Exquisite Macarons

Start Date Mar 07

Exquisite Macarons

Surprise your family and friends with fresh and delicate macarons fresh from your kitchen! These French delicacies are known to be difficult to make, but after our professional pastry chef teaches you how to make the perfect meringue, the secrets to get the '' foot '' and add flavors and colors, you can create exquisite macarons and give rein let your creativity go

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