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>Exquisite Macarons

Start Date Sep 10

Exquisite Macarons

Surprise your family and friends with fresh and delicate macarons fresh from your kitchen! These French delicacies are known to be difficult to make, but after our professional pastry chef teaches you how to make the perfect meringue, the secrets to get the '' foot '' and add flavors and colors, you can create exquisite macarons and give rein let your creativity go.

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>Taste of the Ocean: octopus and seafood

Start Date Sep 12

Taste of the Ocean: octopus and seafood

Come and immerse yourself with us in this class full of flavors and colors where you will learn to prepare delicious mussels, prawns, squid in delicate sauces and perfect garnishes. Our chef will give you the tips to cook an octopus to perfection and make all your favorite recipes with the flavors of the sea. If you enjoy sea food, but do not dare to prepare it, in this class you will learn all the secrets!

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>Baking & Puff Pastry

Start Date Sep 14

Baking & Puff Pastry

Classes in Spanish Who does not enjoy eating delicious freshly baked bread or the perfect croissant? In this short course we combine the best of the bakery with the art of laminated dough. Our chef will teach you to make focaccia, pan de bono, ham bread and delicious rye rolls from scratch. And you can not miss the delights of the viennoiserie such as the croissant, cinnamon rolls, brioche and the classic puff pastry with fillings and sweet. You can not lose this!.

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>Baking Latino

Start Date Sep 17

Baking Latino

If you enjoy eating these delicious cakes but you are afraid to make them… this is the class for you! We will combine classic baking techniques with the latin flavors that everybody loves. In just 3 hours you will learn how to make a classic rum cake, a tasty Dominican cake and the traditional fruit cake.

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>Spanish Cuisine

Start Date Sep 19

Spanish Cuisine

This class will be is Spanish. Do you enjoy eating a tasty Galician octopus or a soft Catalan cream? Do not miss this special Spanish Cooking class with the executive chef Juan Manuel Campos of the famous restaurant XIXON. In this class we will be making a complete menu with the favorite dishes of Spain: Salmorejo cordobés, Galician Octopus and Catalan Cream following the instructions of Juan Manuel so you can surprise your family and friends later. Not to be missed!

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>The Authentic Spanish Paella

Start Date Sep 26

The Authentic Spanish Paella

Learn to prepare this Spanish delicacy that is a feast for the senses. Our chef will teach you how to make the sofrito, select fresh ingredients and achieve the perfect rice cooking. Let yourself be carried away by the smell of saffron and seafood, earth and rosemary discovering the flavors of paella.

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>The Art of Sushi

Start Date Oct 03

The Art of Sushi

In this class you will learn the basic techniques to prepare sushi rolls and the different ingredients that you can use to satisfy your creativity. If you like to eat sushi, you would love to learn how to make it!

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>Certificacion de chef saludable con Fernanda Chacon

Start Date Oct 07

Certificacion de chef saludable con Fernanda Chacon

Educar y preparar a personas que quieren o que actualmente trabajan en el rango de la salud sobre cómo llevar y promover un estilo de vida sano por medio de la nutrición y cocina saludable. Por medio de este curso practico y teorico nuestros estudiantes obtendrán el contenido correcto, técnicas, programa e información necesaria para ejercer como Chef Saludables Personalizados. Al finalizar el curso los graduados podrán tener la oportunidad de adquirir materiales para proveer sus propias clases de cocina saludable a sus futuros clientes. Parte de la meta es que nuestros estudiantes conozcan a fondo sus ingredientes, efectos, combinaciones y substitutos. Aquí aprenderán a construir platillos y recetas según la necesidad del cliente. Este curso puede ser tomado por personas que quieran expandir su carrera y negocio actual o incluso para uso personal. Entre las cualidades que los certificados obtendrán está en desarrollar recetas saludables para marcas y restaurantes interesados en platillos saludables.

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